More About Me

My name is Lyndsay Ely. (That's Ely, as in "those eels are looking rather eel-y today.")

I write speculative fiction, with a lean toward fantasy. In my free time, I organize the B-Spec: the Boston Speculative Fiction Writing Group. If you think your writing group is the awesomest, I'll put them up as competition any day of the week.

Currently, I'm a Boston resident, where I work in publishing as a marketing designer. My background is in graphic design, marketing, and creative writing. I also dabble in cooking, metal work, and antiques. I am expecting an intervention concerning my jewelry collecting any day now.

Some of my favorite authors include Alexander Dumas, Diane Duane, Terry Moore, Warren Ellis, Gillian Flynn, and Scarlett Thomas.

My YA debut novel, GUNSLINGER GIRL, is coming from Jimmy Patterson/Little, Brown in January 2018. You can find it on Goodreads here.

I am represented by Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary.

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